Torpedo VB-101

The Torpedo VB-101 is a device that simulates various guitar and bass cabs, as well as microphones, and incorporates a power load to surge the power output of your fully-blown amplifier. It can be used in a studio or home recording situation, or live for the best possible studio-mic'd quality sound. Made in France.

In studio, on stage or at home, the VB-101 is the ultimate solution for quick, easy and silent miking of your bass and guitar amplifiers.
The VB-101 is an high-end product, designed for musicians and audio technicians, demanding high quality audio, connectivity and  fabrication.
How does it work ? Just plug your amplifier to the VB-101 instead of a speaker cabinet, directly at the power output. You catch this way all that makes your tube or transistor amplifier's sound.
The Torpedo VB-101 replaces the usual miking process by a powerful simulation of the speaker cabinet, the microphone, the microphone preamplifier, and the studio acoustic environment. The miking process then takes place silently, with perfect control over the most important parameters : choice of speaker cabinet among many models, choice of microphone, placement of the microphone around the cabinet.
Why pay more for speaker cabinets plus microphones, or get to carry them around and waste time to set-up, when you can simply use Torpedo and have YOUR sound anytime, anywhere!


Highly realistic speaker simulation is achieved through the use of convolution. Two Notes started from this technology and brought it further, to accurately reproduce the whole miking chain characteristics (speaker, microphone, preamplifier, studio room acoustic).

Ideal for

Guitarists that want to have their sound, anytime, anywhere, and even have a selection of different array of cabinets, mics and miking options for their amp at the push of a button. It is also possible to make models of their favorite cabs!
Home studios that can now record a fully-cranked tube amp silently any time, day or night! Professional studios that want instant access to all the cabs and mics, and are after professional results. Don't waste any more time setting up amps cabs and mics, simply have the guitarist/bassist and his amp next to you in the control room and explore the limitless possibilities! It is for a reason that Torpedo is the new standard for recording guitars and amps in most high-end studios in France.
Have an expensive selection of mics and cabs at your disposal at the flip of a switch! Why carry around cabs, pay a fortune on hard-to-find vintage cabinets and quality studio microphones, and take care of them, when you simply can have all that in a 2U rack format in studio recording quality! Have a band play live in the studio and record it without Mic-leakage problems and need for separators! Re-amp the guitar parts through different amplifiers or amp settings without changing the fundamental mic positioning in the Torpedo and have the possibility to mix for the same guitar part different sounds with no phasing errors and weird sound gimmicks! Use the on-board studio-quality effects when on a stage and minimize your rack, such as maximizers, bass exciters, compressors, stereo enhancers etc.


2U Rack Enclosure
Fixed 8 ohms input
Max admissible power : 150W RMS
Controlled ventilation and thermal security : amp and musician are perfectly safe.
Power input (Speaker output from amp)
Power output to connect a cabinet
DI output without AD/DA conversion (Pre Sim Out)

Digital Processing

Loaded from factory with 16 speaker simulations (guitar and bass, 8+8), internal memory capable of containing more than 32 different speakers.
8 microphones amongst the most used in studio
One free speaker available to download on the website each month
5ms latency
24 bits, 192 kHz AD and DA converters
32 bits floating point, 96 kHz internal processing
100dB S/N ratio
AES/EBU and S/PDIF input / output up to 96 kHz.
Internal, AES/SPDIF or Wordclock sync
Torpedo Remote software, PC and MAC compatible, driver-less USB connexion to the VB-101
MIDI handling (real time Program Change and Control Change)
Optionnal Ethernet communication

Input / Output

Power Input
Power Output
Symmetrical / asymmetrical line input, switched by relay
Symmetrical Pre-Sim line output 
Symmetrical line dual-mono / stereo outputs
Stereo headphone output
AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital inputs
AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outputs
Wordclock Sync
MIDI In, Out/Through
Optional Ethernet 
USB cable
Power supply cable
User's Manual
Torpedo Remote and Torpedo Capture software (download available on the website)

We have a number of Torpedo VB-101 devices in stock, ready to ship. Our price: 2000 euros. SALE! New Price: 1600 euro.

Please contact us for special pricing on buying multiple units if you are a professional, or for lower prices on demo and ex-display items.

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