The Valve 212-OB cab

When you switch on your guitar and power up your amp, you want your audience to hear your sound in its most pristine form. The cabinet as a whole, and the materials that go into making it, have a pivotal impact on the sound of the amp.

All The Valve cabs come equipped with Celestion speakers and are made from 100% marine construction birch plywood, an extremely sturdy material with superior timbre. The speakers are mounted from behind using steel counterthreads that guarantee maximum durability and resistance to the wear-and-tear caused by vibrations and transit.

Choosing the right cabinet can make the difference between a poor tone and a dynamic and toneful one depending on the power you need, where you're going to use it, the number of speakers, the type of speakers and the music you're playing.

You can order our cabinets in whatever combinations of the above colours.

The open back 212-OB cab is also made in marine birch plywod. The open back construction offers a more open and chimey tone you can better tailor to small and mid gigs venues.

The sound spreads almost in all direction so proximity to the walls will allow you to fine tune your tone. This is a fantastic cabinet if you do not want to take with you the 40Kg of the 412 version and you want to diffuse your tone in a closed venue with the right amount of volume.

Finaly, one great sounding and well built cab that won't break your back!

All cabs are handmade in Italy.

Power: 120W.

Prices for the 212-OB cabs start from 650 euros for the standard colours, please contact us for stock or order options.

SPECIAL OFFER: We have one 212-OB in stock in cream/brown leather, previously DEMO cab, as new condition, no box, for a VERY special price, please contact us for details.

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