The Valve 2/50 guitar amp head

One of the most incredible and best sounding amps that ever came our way! Incredible cleans and a wonderful all-rocking second channel that will always get the job done!
Really well built in Italy, and astonishingly reliable! Light too, won't break your back carrying this around.

The 2/50 head is the little sister of our 50W combos. It is basically the same amp with no speakers as it shares the same electronic of its combo brothers and the same unique features, which explain the huge success this model had among the pro players all around Europe:

1) it always respects the nature and tone of the guitar you're playing through it,
2) it's an incredibly dynamic and touch responsive amp,
3) the true functionality of the tone controls which really allow you to dial any kind of tone,
4) the fact it delivers two convincing tones, a wonderful clean and an astonishing lead on the same amp like no other amp in the market.

Yet it also manages to be extremely portable. The weight and footprint have been minimized to allow you to carry it like a suitcase making the 2/50 Head an exceptionally useful tool for those who are always on the move and need to have instant access to a range of utterly convincing tones covering all music from jazz to blues and heavy rock.

The basic tone is identical to that of the 2/50 combos and - depending on the type of cabinet you use - you can color your sound in different ways. Connect it to a 2x12 open-back cabinet for a vintage-style, three-dimensional sound that is similar to that made by a combo amp, or use a closed or ported 4x12 for full blown tone.

The 2/50 head can be run in pentode and triode mode through a dedicated switch on the rear panel, the triode mode delivering an harmonically richer tone and 30W reduced power, ideal for for smaller venues.

Other features include:

- parallel/series effect loop with mixer - two speaker output - impedance selector (4/8/16 ohms) - presence and Depth controls on rear panel to alter your sound to fit any venue - full power/harmonics option for pentode and triode mode.


- Totally made in Italy
- output impedance: 4/8/16 ohm
- output: 45 watts
- 2 channels (clean and lead)
- series/parallel effect loop
- Pentode/Triode mode (45 Watt to 30 Watt)
- presence and resonance controls on rear panel
- reverb and channel selection foot-switch included
- tubes array: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x EL34
- weight: 23 kg
- sizes: width 32 cm, height 52,5 cm, depth 26 cm
- foot-switch included
The 2/50 amp heads come in various colour combinations, please contact us to check our stock or order you amp in the colours you like. Price for the basic colours is 1700 euros. Price includes footswitch and Python speaker cable.
SPECIAL OFFER: We have one 2/50 head (DEMO amp, no box, as new) in cream/brown leather, for a VERY special price, please contact us for details!

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