Taurus T-10

TAURUS T-10 Acoustic
200W/RMS 1x10”

The bass guitar and double bass amplifier with MLO system and DBS

The TAURUS T-10 Acoustic has been designed to provide sound for bass guitars and double basses. The T-10 is equipped with 200W power amplifier and 10” loudspeaker. The TAURUS is adopted to work with passive, active and piezo pick-ups which are very often used in acoustic double basses. Specially designed EQ and high efficiency cabinet result in amplifier sounding clean and fully saturated in spite of its small dimensions. The player has an impression of playing on a much bigger and powerful bass system. The T-10 is the best choice for the bass players who looking for very small and big power rating bass amp.


Power output: 200W RMS
Speakers: 10
Inputs: universal for passive & active pick-ups

GAIN control
VOLUME control
BASS and TREBLE equalizer with "MLO-system" (Middle-range Level Optimization). The Bass and Treble potentiometers automatically select the most suitable middle frequencies depending on a position of Bass and Treble knobs.
HIGH CUT switch - recommended for piezo pick-up
PRESENCE button - increases transparency of sound
PUNCH button - increases sonic expression
DBS - Dynamic Bass System, increases dynamics and selectivity of bass sound

Other features:
MUTE button
Effect loops: INSERT for serial effect loop (post eq.)

Dimensions: [H x W x D] 490 x 375 x 360mm
Weight: 18.5kg

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