Taurus TH-Cross

Silver Line
750W RMS

STEREO / MONO/ BIAMP, two preamps - tube and transistor, compressor/limiter, MLO system, DBS, Drive.

HEAD type bass amplifier with both tube and transistor preamps and double power amp, working in BIAMP, STEREO or MONO modes. The switchable mode enables wide range of speaker cabinets to connect varying in impedance from 2 to 16 Ohm and handling power from 200 up to 750W. The amplifier uses a very efficient and at the same time easy to operate BOX ELECTRONICS’ own unique MLO-system equalization control for fast and accurate sound tailoring. Unique OPTICAL LIMITER is built in for fast and noiseless operation. For those who prefer an independent tone control for each channel there is a possibility to “cross” the amplifier with an additional preamp. Connecting an external preamp creates a configuration of 2 selectable independent channels. The use of additional preamp brings a wide range of new sound creation opportunities: 2 identical panels with separate input control, tone, limiter and volume. A musician can set preferred tone shape, input sensitivity, tube saturation, volume and compression for each channel independently and switch between the channels while playing. Also an external sound effect can be connected to each of the channels. To create a stereo system a specially designed TAURUS TX-Cross dedicated preamp is used.


Power output: 750W RMS / 4ohm , 200W RMS / 8ohm
Operation modes:
MONO: 750W RMS /4 ohm, 700W RMS /6ohm, 600W RMS /8ohm, 400W RMS /16ohm
BIAMP/STEREO: 2x375W RMS /2ohm, 2x300W RMS /4ohm, 2x250W RMS /6ohm, 2x200W RMS /8ohm

Main features: 2 preamps / tube and transistors /
Two channel mode - 1 internal channel + 1 external channel used to connect a separate preamp channels selected by FOOT SWITCH
Inputs: passive & active

BALANCE control between the power amps
GAIN control with overload indicator. Operating with Gain and Input Mix player can obtain sound very close to acoustic bass or fretless bass guitar. The area around knobs marked by a break-off line indicates the region where the level of compression and distortion allows achieving the desired effect.
MIX fluent signal adjustment of the input between 2 sections of the amplifier - tubes simulation and transistors.
COMPRESSOR/LIMITER to control dynamic of sound

VOLUME control
BASS and TREBLE equalizer with "MLO-system" (Middle-range Level Optimization).
PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER for precise control of middle range (120Hz-4kHz)
PRESENCE button - increases transparency of sound
PUNCH button - increases sonic expression
DBS - Dynamic Bass System, increases dynamics and selectivity of bass sound

Other features:
MUTE button
CLIP power amp indicator
PEAK preamp overload indicator
FOOT SWITCH input (switches the additional preamp connected to AUX-2)
STEREO MODE input for dedicated TAURUS TX-Cross preamp

Effect loops: AUX for serial and parallel configuration
CROSS LOOP parallel for external preamp with FOOT SWITCH selectable internal and external channels
Outputs: XLR (balanced) LINE output with level control, speaker cabinet simulation, PRE/POST

Protections: short circuit, thermal overload, power overload
Forced cooling system with electronic efficiency control

Dimensions: 19” / 2 Rackspaces (H x W x D) 88x483x370mm
Weight: 11.0 kg

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