Elmwood Stinger Combo

The Stinger, is a 30 watt cathode biased EL84 equipped amplifier with separate Gain and Volume for the 2 channels. Among many smart features the power amp can be switched between Modern style and Vintage style and the FX loop can be altered as a solo booster. The traditional EQ puts you right in control. Equipped also with a three position bright switch for each channel and a Hi Cut knob. The Stinger is capable of producing everything from big warm clean sounds and funky clean rhythm to raw crunch and singing lead tones with its own touch, and is a really worthy member of the highly appreciated Elmwood amp family. Also available as 19" rack version.


Amplifier: 30 watt pure tube amp, fan cooled.
Channel 1: Gain, Volume
Channel 2: Gain, Volume
EQ: Treble, Middle, Bass, Hi cut, Bright switch
Power modes: Modern - Vintage
FX Loop : Serial FX loop with adjustable send level. Can serve
as a solo boost. Footswitch: Channel - FX loop / Solo boost
Back panel : FX loop send and return jackets, FX send level knob, 5 speaker output jack sockets (4-16 ohm), Foot switch stereo jack socket, Mains inlet.
Amplifier: 2 unit, rack mountable.
Preamp: 3 pcs ECC83
Poweramp: 4 pcs EL84 running in a cathode biased circuit.
Speaker output: 4-16 ohm
Combo speaker: 12" Jensen Neodynium
Versions: 1x12 Combo, Head, Rack unit-2U
Weight Combo: 17 kg
Size Combo: 480 x 460 x 275 mm

We have one Stinger 30 combo in stock ready to ship. Our price: 1850 euro. Please contact us for special pricing on demo and ex-display items!

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