Elmwood M60 Modena

The M60 MODENA is a 60 watt pure tube amp with two channels including separate EQ on each channel and with boost functionality on both channels with separate boost controls for each channel, plus two foot-switchable master volume knobs, for a total of at least four tonal options.
It also includes fat + edge controls on the back and a parallel effects loop that can be turned into serial if you twist the knob to 100% mix.
It's filled with top quality components and wrapped in the most beautiful design of red stained birch or dark vinyl.
The sound and feeling of this amp will help you express everything from heaven to hell and it's 60 watts in Pentode mode are specially optimized to give you all the power you need. But the M60 MODENA can also easily be switched to Triode mode to reduce output power to about 30 watts.
But don't worry, this amp can produce excellent sound from whisper sound levels, and keep clear note definition and clarity even when pushed hard!
The Elmwood team has used all of the experience from the 3100 and refined it into the M60 MODENA. This baby is a Must Hear!
Also available as 19" rack version.


Amplifier: 60 watts (Pentode) or 30 watts (Triode) pure tube amp.
Channel 1: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass.
Channel 2: Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass.
Drive: Footswitchable, adjustable Drive and Drive volume on channel 1. Footswitchable, adjustable Drive on channel 2. Ability to activate Drive when switching to Master 1.

Volume: Two footswitchable Master volumes.
Footswitch: Channel - Drive - Master 1.
Back panel: 4 speaker output: 1x8 ohm, 1x4 ohm, 2x16 ohm, 2x8 ohm.Fat and Edge knobs for controlling Low and High end in the power amp. Mixknob for the Fx-Loop from parallel to serial. Send and Return jacksockets for the FX Loop. 2 Footswitch jacksockets. Mains inlet with fuseholder.

Colors: Red stained birch or Black vinyl.
Preamp Tubes: 4 pieces ECC83.
Poweramp Tubes: 2 pieces EL34 operating in class AB push pull.
Weight: 17 kg
Size: 585 x 240 x 270 mm

We have one M60 Modena head in Red Stained Birch in stock ready to ship. Our price: 2480 euro for Black Vinyl, 2650 for Red Stained Birch.
Please contact us for special pricing on demo and ex-display items!

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