Eleven Electrix Overdrive

Eleven Electrix Overdrive

Eleven Electrix OVERDRIVE is an innovative product in the way that it is able to evocate the classic sounds combined with modern technology, this overdrive surpasses any limit that the market imposes with incredible features at competitive prices. What is its main characteristic? It maintains a precise and defined attack in any way that it is used like a tube amp used at its maximum capacity, without falling in over compression or in an unreal sound.

By touch the soft and precise controls enables you to experience a wider range of sounds that surpasses every standard until now possible. These features are possible thanks to an exclusive and innovative system of tube simulation that allows you to define your sound with precision allowing your instrument to preserve its natural sound. Impressive is the output volume that can reach 14 volts RMS allowing you to overpower the amplifier to which it is connected. The passive equalization controls allow an effective actions without loosing the instruments original qualities.

The external 9 volts dc power supply is compatible with all other 9 volts power supplies available on the market. There also is an overvoltage and a accidental polarity inversion protection inside.

The high quality connectors for the output/input and power supply are chosen to give the product the longest life possible.

The true bypass feature doesn’t influence the sound in any way at all when the Eleven Electrix OVERDRIVE is in bypass.The stomp switch allows minimum of 1.000.000 operations before the switches failure and the normal function of it during this time is guaranteed.

JRC4558 evergreen integrated operational amplifier it’s an obliged choice if you want to follow the classic way.

The shape of the chassis has been designed in order to allow the modification of the GAIN and VOLUME controls position by foot. A very useful feature for live performances.

The 9 volts battery is enclosed by a small window made in inox steel 18/10 nickel crome. The battery is accessible after unwinding the two screws.

The batteries lifespan is standard and the type of battery alkaline rechargeable or carbon does not influence the proper function, this is thanks to an innovative power supply system.

Eleven Electrix OVERDRIVE is not predisposed for battery recharge.Although you can use an external battery recharger.

Technical features:

Band pass: 30 Hz-6KHz

Gain: 65 dB

Eq. Controls: Eleven Electrix original passive circuit

Bass: 30Hz 300Hz +/-12dB

Treble: 880Hz 3.2KHz +/-12dB

Max output voltage: 14 volt Rms

Power supply: 9Volts battery or external power supply 9Volts Dc

Equipped: JRC4558

Chassis: Steel 1.5 mm

Weight: 450g

Guaranty: Whole life except wrong uses

The VOLUME control regulates the output signal from 0 to 14 volts allowing you to overpower the amplifier when the effect in on.

The GAIN control regulates the overdrive effect from 0dB to 65dB in order to obtain the sound range desired.

The TREBLE control regulates the high frequencies of +/- 12dB with linearity and sensibility

The BASS control regulates the bass frequencies of +/- 12dB giving low-end to your sound.

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