Eleven Electrix Green Fuzz

Eleven Electrix Green Fuzz

Back to the '60!

Eleven Electrix G-FUZZ translates the sound of the vintage era, in the modern age with absolute fidelity. The color of the obtained sound, thanks to the original vintage tecnology combines with an exclusive power supply circuit, that allows an incredible sound rich of harmonics that become emotional. The attack is precise and defined and the sustain becomes long and stable, that is rare and difficult to be obtained as a characteristic of a fuzz.

The research of the sound come through a peculiar germanium transistors selection. Moreover last transistor bias is external variable through a BIAS control, allowing a precise harmonics and sound paste control that can vary continuously from soft to hard just through the control rotation.

The true bypass feature doesn’t influence the sound in any way at all when the Eleven Electrix G-FUZZ is in bypass.

The BIAS control determines and regulates the current of polarization of the transistor and therefore the collector tension and so the asymmetry and the hardness of the distortion.

In this way it is possible to vary the paste of a sound obtaining colored symmetrical soft distortion to the germanium truly hard distortion until it reaches the typical effect of an“old defective radio”.

Selected premium germanium transistor are a must to get a vintage sound without comparisons.

The external 9 volts dc power supply is compatible with all other 9 volts power supplies available on the market. There also is an overvoltage and a accidental polarity inversion protection inside.

The high quality connectors for the output/input and power supply are chosen to give the product the longest life possible.

The shape of the chassis has been designed in order to allow the modification of the FUZZ and VOLUME controls position by foot. A very useful feature for live performances.

The 9 volts battery is enclosed by a small window made in inox steel 18/10 nickel crome. The battery is accessible after unwinding the two screws

The batteries lifespan is standard and the type of battery alkaline rechargeable or carbon does not influence the proper function, this is thanks to an innovative power supply system.

Eleven Electrix G-FUZZ is not predisposed for battery recharge. Although you can use an external battery recharger.

Technical characteristics:

Band pass: 30 Hz-6KHz

Gain: 60 dB

Max output voltage: 12 volt RMS

Power supply: 9Volts battery or external power supply 9Volts Dc

Equipped: Premium Germanium Transistors

Chassis: Steel 1.5 mm

Weight: 450g

Guarantee: Whole life except wrong uses

The VOLUME control regulate the output signal from 0 to 12 volts allowing you to overdrive the amplifier, when inserted, increasing the thickness of the sound. A very useful feature during a solo.

The FUZZ control regulates the overdrive effect from 0dB to 60 dB in order to obtain the sound range desired.

The BIAS control determines and regulates the current of polarization of the transistor.

We have two Eleven Electrix Green Fuzz in stock, please contact us for pricing and details.

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