Neodymium subbas Active 12 "
700/1400W (129dB) Class-D

Subbas enabled 700/1400Wat Class D amplifier and a 12-inch neodymium speaker.

Professional subbas enabled designed to work in acoustic systems in discotheques, music clubs and on stage. Subbas has a built-LIMITER, crossover and subsonic filter. CROSSOVER optimal bandwidth distribution of sound in cooperation with the subbass broadband satellites, while the subsonic filter is designed to eliminate unwanted frequencies below 20 Hz, which could adversely affect the proper operation of sound system. In subbass a 12-inch neodymium speaker is used, with 4-inch coil and a very efficient system of heat dissipation, in addition to the safety of the speaker ensures particularly effective optical limiter. The main advantages of sound shaping speakers specially designed band filters, which, like the musical instruments of the "soul", is responsible for the final acoustic characteristics. Obtaining high performance sound was made possible thanks to the latest generation Neodymium speakers and a high-efficiency Class-D power amplifier combination of these two elements also helped significantly reduce the size and weight of the subbass speaker. Speaker Covers are made of plywood multilayered structure of deciduous trees and their structure has been strengthened with special compartments inside all the connecting walls to reduce to a minimum self-resonance case. The front cover is an additional filter column eliminates unwanted acoustic high frequency sound pulses, which can emit a measure cone during momentary overload the power amplifier.


Speaker: Neodymium 12 "SICA

RMS Power: 700W, Max Power: 1400W

Max SPL = 129db

Frequency response: 44 .. 160Hz

Optical LIMITER protection used to prevent the power amplifier and loudspeaker against overload


Adjusting the upper range of retuning work subbass from 80 to 160Hz

Phase reverse switch

Switch-off "earth" to eliminate the formation of a loop circuit, "earth" causing audible hum

Subsonic filter protects the speaker from frequencies below 20Hz

Universal stereo input jack, balanced XLR type

Stereo outputs balanced XLR LINK for further speaker systems

Stereo balanced outputs HP-OUT XLR 120Hz highpass filter

Thermal protection

Cover Style: black fleece speaker resonance properties soundproofing enclosure.

Dimensions [height x s x D]: 440 x 565 x 500mm

Weight: 29kg

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