Box Electronics ANS-12 NEO

Active Neodimium Speaker 12" 350/700W (126dB) Class-D

Professional broadband enabled speaker with neodymium speakers and high-efficiency Class-D power amplifier combination of these two elements made it possible to achieve very good acoustic performance while maintaining low weight and small dimensions of the speaker. The distinctive feature of this speaker is that it does not have any extra controllers, they were reduced to a minimum. The purpose of this system is the faithful reproduction of the audible signal without any additional manipulation. Such a solution requires the use of high-end loudspeakers and electronic components. You will have only input and output line and the selector signal. The only aided the DBS system is capable bass boost, it is reasonable to apply for work in the system without the columns subbass driven sound. Eliminating inch regulators is to facilitate appropriate user to configure the sound system. Sustainable in terms of linear acoustic column needs enabled the operator to adjust the level of only strengthen with a 3-digit selector. Housing column is made of plywood with a hardwood tree multi-layer structure. ANS-12 is applicable in traditional acoustic systems used by musicians, sound engineers and music presenters can also be used as a monitor on the stage. Loudspeaker design allows you to set the system depending on the needs of the three different ways - vertically, horizontally, in terms of how a typical monitor stands and tripod column.


Speakers: Neodymium 12 "SICA + HF driver 1" / 90 * x 40 *

RMS Power: 350W, Max Power: 700W

Max SPL: 126dB

Frequency Response (-6dB): 48Hz ... 20kHz

Frequency response of the DBS (-6dB): 42Hz ... 20kHz

3-way selector input level:-6dB / 0dB / +6 dB

DBS - bass boost system

Subsonic filter eliminates the harmful effects of very low frequency

Indicator of the presence of input signal

Overdrive indicator signal

Balanced input LINE

LINK output to connect a number of active columns

Cover Style: black fleece speaker resonance properties soundproofing enclosure.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 660 x 425 x 380mm

Weight: 19.5 kg

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